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How Do Cold Air Intake Kits Maximize The Performance Of Your Car

Do you want your car to have better performance and soundtrack? You don't need to buy an expensive imported car for that. You can have these with the cold air intake kits.

Your car already has a standard air intake system, but it's setup to give you just a standard response. Performance modifications are about modifying your engine so that it will receive more cold air into the engine. With more air, you will have bigger explosions in your combustion process, and your car will go faster and harder.

Basically, the cold air intake kits assist the combustion process of burning fuel and creating energy for your engine. Colder air is denser, and expands more in the combustion process giving you a greater explosion when you feed the engine gas.

Check some race cars or those modified street cars and you will notice the special vents along the sites and gaps in the bumpers to aid air intake, enhancing the general performance of the motor. One simple air intake would be a short ram air intake that would introduce air from around the engine bay directly into the engine. One way to do this is to replace the original air box with a tube attached to a cone filter.

It's the quickest mod you can make, and because there's less coverage in that area of the engine, you'll get a really mean, guttural roar below your hood. You could also replace your car's original respiratory system with a complete cold air intake system. Usually fitted to performance or modified cars, the cold air intake sucks in cool air from around the front bumper, the wheels wells and from inside the scoops of the body kit.

The most important part of adding performance parts to your vehicle is maintenance. You must always keep the air tracts of your cold air intake kits in top shape, making sure they are always clean and without dust or dirt. This could get into the engine and compromise your performance.

Don't be afraid to spend money on top quality parts that won't snap off when you take corners a little too aggressively. Invest in a lifelong air filter that you can remove, wash and oil regularly so that dirt particles don't pass through into the engine.


Do You Know The Factors That Make Fast Cars Fast?

When you ask someone if they had an open checkbook to buy any vehicle they wanted just about every serious car lover will choose a high quality sports car. Many people may debate what exactly encompasses the term of "high quality" but all will agree that when it comes to a sports car what matters the most is speed.

In sports car circles the car that is known as the fastest is the '94 Dauer 962 LeMans which blasts from zero to sixty miles per hour in only 2.6 seconds. Compare this to the Ferrari ENZO which is not only Ferraria's fastest car but also the one that most novices think of as the fastest at 3.5 seconds in the zero to sixty time. There are actually numerous other sports cars like the Corvette, Viper, and cars from Audi and Renault that are all at under 3.0 in the 0-60 testing.

So, the question for the car enthusiast is, "what is it that makes these fast cars so fast?"

The aerodynamic sleek styling that makes true sports cars so appealing to sports car lovers contributes much more than mere looks. This is also one of the primary reasons why these high performance cars are so fast, they are simply slippery against the wind resistance as they speed down the highway. This is why the designs of sports cars are tested in wind tunnels, so that the best possible drag coefficient can be achieved.

The weight of a car is another major factor in the speed of a sports car. This is the reason why race cars as well as high end sports cars are made of lightweight composite materials that help reduce the overall weight of a vehicle. Another thing that you will notice with sports cars is that they do not have large trunks or storage compartments. In fact, you are lucky to be able to fit a bag of golf clubs in the trunk or hatchback of a true sports car, in addition they usually only have two seats and have much firmer and tighter suspensions.

Lastly, the way a vehicle handles when cornering or going around curves is crucial as well. A true sports car must be able to keep up its straight-line speed when taking tight curves at high speeds. This is why the best of the high performance sports cars in the world are also rear wheel drive, the rear wheel drive set up makes for better weight distribution as the car is making turns.

All of the styling in the world won't matter if your car isn't fast, nothing is worse than a car that looks fast that isn't. To take a word from my son, they are posers.


Some Of The Latest Sports Car Accessories And Electronic Gadgets That Make Road Trips Bearable

When I was first driving 30 years ago there wasn't much available that you could add to a vehicle in the way of electronics. Today, there are options of adding all kinds of electronic accessories and high tech devices to an automobile. These can really dress up the look as well as increase your driving enjoyment. Many drivers add aftermarket accessories on their automobiles to enhance the style and add convenience and comfort to the ride of their sports car.

If you always on the same route road trips can occasionally be boring and you may no longer enjoy the sights as much. It would make the trip that much more enjoyable if you had an entertainment system that would render diversion and help the driver stay alert while driving. We have included some suggested high tech accessories that can bestow both enjoyment and a little excitement to a driver's ride on the road in their sports car:

The Global positioning System which is also known as GPS, can be installed as an instantly accessible route guide for the road. This sophisticated device comes with built in maps of the U.S. and Canada and also contains specific details and data for more than 2,000,000 destinations. It will assist the drivers in finding points of interest, their main destination, the nearest gas station or even locate a bank for a cash withdrawal.

Another choice that can provide a pleasant and peaceful ride is a portable DVD player which is especially useful if the whole family is in the automobile. The children can enjoy their favorite movies for the whole trip. It is not recommended to have a DVD that can divert the driver's attention and cause a high risk of danger while driving. But as a personal choice it may be a worthwhile consideration for the whole family to enjoy a long trip. In the same category, car entertainment system would be a good option if established in the back of the automobile. It is advisable rather than having a DVD player in the dash the car.

A vehicle jumpstart system can be an important consideration to keep in the automobile. A driver should always have jumper cables in the car, especially when on a road trip. There are situations when a driver could run into battery problems, and will require the assistance from a mechanic or a fellow driver. However with jumper cables and the aid of another traveler, the driver may be able to get back on the road rapidly and conveniently without the more expensive assistance of a mechanic.

The electronic accessories and gadgets we have mentioned here are resources for convenient and pleasurable driving. There are a lot more devices that can be included in the automobile, which may not be mentioned above.


Finding Your Auto Parts in a Junk Yard

The stereotypical image of a junk yard, complete with smashed cars piled sky high and a couple of ferocious dogs couldn't be further from the truth these days.

It's not necessary to dig through jumbled, twisted metal just to find the auto parts that you need. The modern junk yards are far easier to navigate.
Organization is vital for any business and mechanics get this. Using computers, every car model that is brought in is carefully cataloged and stored. The catalog is then stored on the computer and can be checked for the appropriate car parts as needed.

Why Use Junk Yards

Recent models of American cars and some of the more popular foreign brands shouldn't have any problems with getting parts when needed. However, if you own an older model or a vehicle that simply isn't as common, then it could be both expensive and take up to several months to get the needed parts in. For many older vehicles, parts simply aren't made any more and if you are going to be restoring or replacing anything, you'll need to look at wrecked or abandoned cars of the same type.
Junk yards tend to sell their parts for cheaper than you would pay to import a new one. Often, if you're willing to get your hands dirty, there is even more of a discount. All you need to do is bring in your tools and take the pieces that you need yourself. Depending on the vehicle you could end up being able to replace a vital part of your car without paying much at all.

How to Find Auto Parts

With the new online catalogs available for most junk yards, it's not necessary to traipse through yard after yard, searching for the perfect match to your vehicle. Now you can actually take a look online and find out just where that elusive quarter panel or master cylinder is before you head out looking for it. In some cases, you may even be able to order it online and have the part shipped right to you.

If you do look for your auto parts online, you'll find that there are sites available that compile all results for junk yards across the country or in your state, making it extremely easy to pick and choose and to see whether or not there are matching vehicles in any given area. Rather than looking at each individual junk yard website, you can simply scan the online catalogs via one of these sites.


The Way to Protect Your Rights After an Automobile Accident

Being involved in an automobile accident can be scary, and accident victims need effective representation from a auto accident attorney. Each day within this country there's an auto accident approximately every ten seconds, making approximately six million accidents annually. In the United States, each year you will find over three million injuries that occur because of car accidents.

What Causes Millions of Accidents Each Year?

What exactly is the cause of these accidents which happen each year? Drivers that are impaired because of lack of sleep, momentary mistakes, inattention, and drivers which are inebriated by alcohol or drugs all are causes of accidents. In fact, three from every ten individuals will get involved with an automobile accident at some time of their lives. Another cause of auto accidents can be aggressive driving. Further, a shocking amount of accidents come from using a cell phone to call or text someone while driving, simply because it takes the driver's attention off the road. Many other accidents come from vehicle defects, such as defective tires or brakes, by unclear road markers or road signs, or by road hazards. These hazards can be a result of mother nature, however some others will be brought on by construction messes.

Vehicle Accidents that Alter Your Life

Sometimes automobile accidents are minor and can be just an annoyance or a hassle, but other times a car accident can be life-altering and will leave the victim with injuries that affect every part in their life. Disabling injuries which have been caused by vehicle accidents happen every fourteen seconds, while an individual loses their life in a car accident every twelve minutes within this country. If you've been injured during an accident and today have a disability or possibly a permanent injury, then you should work on protecting your rights to collect damages through the person or individuals who were responsible. A few of these damages can include time lost from work, suffering and pain, expense of future medical care, diminished capability to earn a living, and more.

Working to Make the At-Fault Party Pay

The individual that's at fault has an insurer, and this insurance carrier will have attorneys that are working very hard to reduce the level of compensation that you are eligible for. This is the reason why you should use a lawyer that has experience taking a stand with the big insurance providers and their lawyers. Their objective will be to reduce the money that you can collect because of your injuries. Your lawyer's goal will be to get you the most money for your suffering and injuries. It is essential that you have a lawyer on your side who is fighting for your own rights, one who has successfully fought the battle before so that you will have a successful outcome to the case.

Speak to Your Attorney

Whenever possible after the vehicle accident, contact your auto accident attorney to begin with formulating a strategy to get your life back to normal.

The sooner you contact your attorney, the more successful your case is going to be, because your attorney may need to interview witnesses, employ a specialist to recreate the accident, and more, to be able to increase the validity of the claim.


Burglary Prevention: Avoiding Auto Theft Smash-and-Grab

When you're away from your car - in a restaurant or dashing in to return a DVD - the only thing that comes between an opportunistic thief and the valuables in your car is a sheet of safety glass.

Many times car burglars are after your stereo, CD collection or other loose belongings you've left in your car - like a cell phone, iPod or even your wallet, purse, laptop or garage door opener that you've left in plain sight.

Unfortunately, car burglaries can be expensive, from the cost of repairs to replacing your belongings. And they can leave you feeling victimized, too. You can minimize the likelihood you'll fall prey to a costly car burglary by following these simple burglary prevention tips from Nationwide.

Car Burglary Prevention Tips

1) Hide your valuables. Smash-and-grab car burglars aren't exactly criminal masterminds. Many simply act on impulse. So keep your valuable belongings with you, or out of sight. Car floors, dashboards and seats are not good places to leave items like:

* Purses and wallets
* Laptop bags, briefcases and backpacks
* Shopping bags
* Cell phones and MP3 players
* Loose change and CDs
* Keys

If you can't take items with you, hide them out of sight in your trunk.

2) Keep your car visible. The last thing thieves want is a crowd of onlookers to witness their crime. You can help prevent a burglary by parking your car in crowded areas, such as:

* Busy parking lots and designated spaces, near pedestrian and vehicle traffic
* Well-lit spaces, especially those near a lamppost if you're out after dusk
* Parking lots with an attendant

3) Make burglaries difficult. Smash-and-grab car burglars don't want the complexity of a caper movie when stealing your iPod or cash. Every hurdle you can provide makes it more likely they'll move on. Following this simple advice will give you an added layer of protection against car burglaries.

* Lock your doors and roll up your windows when you park
* Activate your security system
* Consider window tinting (if permitted by local laws)
* Avoid using the console or glove box as mobile lockboxes

4) Don't hand a car burglar your keys. Leaving your key on the dash or in the ignition is an invitation to a car burglar. And keep in mind that if you have a great hiding place for a spare key (in your wheel well or above your sun visor), a thief has thought of it, too.

5) Stow your belongings before you get there. Experienced thieves often stake out parking lots. Move valuable items, like shopping bags and laptops, to your trunk before you get to the parking lot.

6) Trust your instincts. If you see suspicious activity, find somewhere else to park. Don't confront anyone: If you're concerned, report your suspicions to an attendant or the police. By reporting suspicious activity to the proper authorities, you can help prevent others from becoming a victim of a car burglary or another crime.


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