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Ariel Atom 3

When the Ariel Atom 2 made it to the USA under Brammo Motorsports in Ashland Oregon it was a huge splash in the specialty car market and quickly generated a months long waiting list.  Eventually the license to produce the Atom was taken over by TMI of Virginia.As the transition occurred, TMI had the large task to continue to promote and grow the Ariel Atom brand AND keep the current customers that ordered their Ariel Atom from Brammo happy. They also had the task of producing the newly designed Atom3.

The latest Atom 3 is almost identical to the version built in the U.K. Changes: Honda-only powertrains—No Chevy Cobalt’s supercharged 2.0-liter— tuned Bilstein shocks that replace the Konis, minor modifications to the frame, suspension, and seats. When looking at the Ariel Atom 2 and 3 next to each other only the true Ariel Atom enthusiast will notice the differences.

On February 12, 2010, TMI announce a new partnership with Sector111 of Temecula, CA. Sector111 is the exclusive California dealer for the Ariel Atom. In a strategic business move, to help with some of the registration issues with California and other states, TMI has created a rolling chassis option. This will give owners the option to buy a fully built chassis separately from the powertrain.   This allows them to register their Ariel Atom more easily. This optional step will enable Sector111 to grow sales without regard to registration issues, which is handicapped Brammo and TMI in certain states.

I recently spent some time with Shinoo Mapleton, the owner of Sector111. The one thing that stands out about Shinoo is his knowledge about cars, motorcycles, business and details. He clearly shares my passions in life. Shinoo was born crazy about cars. His first memory is looking at cars driving down the road outside his preschool window. He grew up in the Motor City so the ‘sickness’ was incurable.

Shinoo got his start in the auto industry in 1985, having started as an engineering intern at the Pontiac Fiero assembly plant. “This infected me with a passion for innovative two seat mid engined sports cars.” In the 1990’s, the Lotus Elise arrived and he fell in love. In 2004 Shinoo started Sector111 to address the potential U.S. aftermarket needs of the Lotus that he ‘hoped’ would develop – and it did.  In the subsequent 6 years, Sector111 developed hundreds of products for these cars and became the market leader in this niche space.  Shinoo has owned 2 Ariel Atoms and 3 Lotus’s and experienced many stares and questions when driving them especially the Ariel Atom. “People think they are exotics,” he comments.

Having a shared enthusiasm with specialty cars or small volume cars leads to the question; why these cars? They are rare which means small quantities. The manufacturing is done by hand, not robots, so buyers need to be patient. Manufacturing companies these days do not have much stock on the shelf, therefore there is the inevitable part delays.

Owning an Ariel Atom attracts individualists with its “manic driving experience”. Owners need to be ready for race car performance on the track and canyons with motorcycle-like experience. Especially at 130 mph or any speed !!!!!

The goal for Sector111 Ariel Atom dealership is to get people to experience an Atom.  They know that if customers see/feel an Atom, they will likely want one.   That has worked very well so far as they have secured a few orders. Cars like the Ariel Atom, fill gaps that the big manufactures cannot, or do not have desire to, support. If you are thinking about buying an Ariel Atom to drive on California tracks or streets, Sector111 and Shinoo is your guy.


41740 Enterprise Cir. N. Ste 101

Temecula, CA 92590