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Eddie Hill, Ariel Atom and Ultima

Some of us know Eddie Hill from his Top Fuel rides, which  is another story.  Eddie has a unique taste in cars and that revolves loosely around “Kit Cars” or component cars that are built by ‘you’ or a small car manufacture.  Eddies Top Fuel cars ran 0 to 272.45 mph in 3.056 seconds at (660 feet).   The Ariel Atom and the Ultima both have a similar times to 60 mph.  So you really wonder if there is any fun in Eddies new hobby.    Forty-four years ago, Eddie opened “Eddie Hill’s Fun Cycles” in Texas selling Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Polaris.  The success of this motorcycle dealership provided a launching pad for his Top Fuel career . “In our best year we sold over seven million dollars in vehicles, parts and accessories, and service work. Our dealership maintains the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating of A+.” Eddies desire to play with cars came direct from God, no discernable influences from family or friends and innate passion for mechanical things.

After owned and selling a genuine Lola T-70 and a 2006 Ford GT,  Eddie was on the look for some replacements.  The Ariel Atom and the Ultima GTR were very unique and rare.  Which seem to fit with Eddies qualities.  Owning these rare cars seems to have a consistent theme when you drive them. “Lots of smiles, friendly nods, thumbs up, a myriad of questions, people taking pictures everywhere, (whether we’re driving or stopped), people wanting their picture taken with the car, and quite a few are bold enough to ask for a ride”.  Therefore you if you do not like the attention, go buy a Chevy Pickup. Owning a kit car has it challenges vs a Ford or Chevy.  Maybe we should not call it challenges in the negative way.  Challenges are figuring, tinkering and research  to find the best / right part that can make your creation just right.

Eddies previous car experiences in winning Top Fuel Championships, and setting the official Top Speed and Elapsed Time records, in both Top Fuel Dragsters and Top Fuel Boats, and doing all my own parts selection, tuning,  engine building, etc., has made Eddie a walking Encylopedia on race vehicle that go very fast.

Originally Eddies Ariel Atom and Ultima GTR were street only, but when attending the first AtomFest track event at Hallett Motor Raceway, near Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his Atom, he found out that he REALLY enjoyed road racing, and now both cars are more track-focused.

One of Eddies tools that he never leaves home without  is TraqMate Data acquisition.  His TraqMate and three years worth of sorting/tuning/set-up the Ariel Atom and Ultima is perfection by Eddies competition standards.

A brand new Ariel Atom 3, Honda K20A/six-speed, with carbon fiber wings front and rear is Eddies newest rocket that started his new Ariel Atom Dealership!  Eddie believes in the Ariel Atom product he decided to sell them :) Believe it or not the Eddies Modified Ariel Atom II supercharged Ecotec LSJ 2.0 At Hallett Motor Raceway, near Tulsa, has run a best of 1 minute, 19.6 seconds, and the Ultima CanAm/427 small-block Chevy, has run in the 1 minute, 23 second range.  Both cars have run laps at Eagles Canyon Raceway near Decatur, Texas, in less than two minutes.


Atom II Specs:
Weight: 1350 lbs
Engine: Supercharged Ecotec LSJ 2.0
Redline: 7400
Power: 252 Rear Wheel HP
Brakes: Wilwood with Hawk Blue pads
Steering:  Rack and Pinion
Transmission: LSJ five-speed
Max. Lat. Accel: 1.75 g

Ultima Can-Am Specs:
Weight: 2095
Engine: 427 Chevy
Redline: 8000
Power: 569 Rear Wheel HP
Brakes: Brembo
Steering:  Rack and Pinion
Transmission: Porsche G-52 five-speed