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Scorpion P6

The Scorpion P6 offers race car inspired design in a three wheel package.

A new player in the performance three wheel vehicle category:

I grew up (well at least the good part of my youth) in the outskirts of Homestead, Florida.  I have fond memories of riding my 3.5 hp, one wheel drive go kart through the fields after the tractors had plowed the crops.  At the ripe old age of 11 I graduated to a Yamaha DT100 enduro motorcycle.

Maximum velocity was around 67 mph.  I was the terror of the Redlands…  Fast forward 30 years and a new terror has appeared on the razor straight asphalt grid known as Homestead.  The Scorpion Motorsports P6.  Take the front end of an Indy car and couple it with the drivetrain of a Japanese sports bike.  Add a flowing composite body, and race inspired instrumentation and you get the basic idea.

Scorpion was started in 2006. The concept of these machines is simple: deliver Supercar performance at a price that a real person can afford. Car guys dream of owning a Ferrari or a Lambo, but most will never get the opportunity to drive anything more exotic than their buddy’s STi. And, with US laws the way they are, this will only get worse… supercars are exotic, exotic means rare, rare means that each unit made needs to factor in the enormous costs of going through US DOT and EPA testing. In the UK they allow “light cars” which allows Ariel Atoms, Caterhams, and KTM X-Bows to be legal. In the US we have no true segment for these vehicles, but by knocking one wheel off we can legalize them as motorcycles. What this creates is a category where you can have supercar performance without breaking the bank AND it can be registered, financed, and insured for use on US roads. So we had our market.

It all boils down to what the customers want:

The hard core enthusiast will appreciate the race inspired design

We first began creating a very all-worlds usable 3 wheeler, and our feedback was that the general user wanted a hardcore vehicle… that these would mainly be used for weekend
excitement and performance was valued over practicality: essentially the users would treat it like a sport bike. So, we went back to the drawing board knowing that what we needed to create for the market was a hardcore street legal performance vehicle.  One unique aspect of this vehicle is that it is a single seater.  The rare opportunity to get the feel of driving a formula car is enhanced by the low seating position and the nose cone that are both similar to a typical open wheel race car setup.  The P6 is both the fastest AND least expensive sit-in three wheeler available. The P6 can hit 60mph in 3.5 seconds, and costs less than $30k.

Offering supreme performance at a steep discount to what is currently offered elsewhere is an intriguing proposition.  In testing, the lap times around the local tracks have been measured and compared to other vehicles. The P6 is generally quicker than a GTR, and comparable to an Ariel Atom.

Inboard suspension

A custom car without the ongoing custom maintenance and parts price tag

The Scorpion team

The designers of the Scorpion are Mark Margolis, and Mike Gellatly, both engineers by education, and enthusiasts at heart.  While some builders take stock parts and add a little flair, the Scorpion is built almost entirely of custom parts.  In house, Scorpion operates a CNC vertical machining center, and a CNC plasma cutter among other things, so the majority of parts are made in-house. They design in solidworks, so any parts that are not
made in house are cut from Scorpion’s design files.

Mainly they outsource their composites work to seasoned professionals.  The typical wear items like tires and brake pads are available at any typical parts store.  The drivetrain is basically serviceable at any motorcycle shop that is set up to work on Kawasaki engines.  P6s are fully assembled,  street legal, and registered as a motorcycle.  This gives the benefit of having a stunning, exotic design coupled with reasonably priced and readily accessible comprealslot.net wear items.

The CNC machine in action

A future P6 race series or a customized exotic???

Race inspired steering controls

The P6 is a street vehicle that can be used at the track, not the other way around.  Set-up is comfortable for cruising, but the dampers, and Anti-Roll Bar are variable for quick conversion into a track setup. Owners will most often use a P6 similarly to a sportbike, however, we are receptive to customer feedback, and if our customers would like to race, we will set up one-make races as part of track days at tracks near our dealers.  We offer a wide array of options to satisfy any customer including paddle shifters, power commander, turbo kit, and carbon bodies, wings and more.  Fully custom options are available, but are priced individually.   Scorpion Motorsports is proud to see customers modifying their vehicles. We will be encouraging owners to send us images of their custom modifications which we plan to feature on our website. While custom modifications may affect warranty status, it seems like the enthusiast owners of Scorpion motorsports are willing to deal with customers on a case by case basis in keeping warranty support while allowing aesthetic modifications.

Pricing / contact:

Pricing starts at $28,000 (about $2,000 less than the starting price of a Chevrolet Equinox!).  The long term sales approach is to supply dealers and allow buyers to walk in and purchase a vehicle off the showroom floor.  However, the pre-ordered sales will need to be delivered prior to stocking dealerships with new P6 vehicles.  For more information customers can contact the sales department and find a dealership near them.

With this design customization is allowed but not required!


Weight: 725 pounds

Power / Wt.: 5.8 pounds / hp

Built By: Scorpion Motorsports – Homestead, FL

Design: Mark Margolis / Mike Gellatly

Body Style / Material: Single seat roadster / Composite bodywork

Frame Style / Mat’l: Custom Spaceframe

Front Suspension: Unequal Length Double Wishbone with inboard dampers.

Rear Suspension: Swingarm

Brakes: Wilwood 4 piston / 11.75” rotors

Steering: Rack & Pinion

Maximum HP: 126 HP

Redline: 16,000 RPM

Transmission: Sequential 6 Speed / Electronic paddle (opt.)

Completion Options: Turnkey (complete, ready to drive)

0-60 mph: 3.5 Seconds

0-100 mph: 10 Seconds

Max. Lat. Accel: 1.5g

Scorpion P6 Promotional Video

For sales information contact: Shannon@scorpionmotorsports.com

Sales phone number is (786) 255-9013