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p>What does $18,000 buy you in today’s automotive market?  It can buy you a nice, reliable, comfortable Kia Soul 5 door wagon. If you would rather have the wind in your hair and all the thrills you could imagine it could also get you into the driver’s seat of the Brunton Stalker (and that includes the kit and all the donor parts needed).

I’ve spent a quarter century driving mostly humble grocery getters to and from work.  In the last five years or so I have enjoyed the sporting side of driving.  The Brunton Stalker doesn’t just lean to the sporting side, it hangs out on the very outside edge of it.  Fabricated in a modest warehouse in Bradenton Florida, the Brunton Stalker and Superstalker offer supercar performance for minivan budgets.

American torque meets British styling:

The Brunton Stalker takes a familiar kit car design that resembles the legendary Lotus 7 and adds a healthy dose of American torque.  At first glance the Stalker may resemble any number of available kits that are loosely based on the Lotus 7 design of Colin Chapman.  The original 7 was first produced in 1957.  Over 50 years later it remains one of the most popular cars emulated in the kit car industry in Great Britain.  In the United States it is a less common design.  When Dennis Brunton came here from South Africa he wanted to offer something different to the car building enthusiast.  Dennis, along with Scott Minehart and Jonathan Brunton fabricate frames and assemble kits sold throughout the United States.  The Brunton Stalker takes the basic formula and utilizes a variety of Chevrolet powerplants to offer more torque than the competition.  From a 2.8 liter V6 up to a small block V8, there are a range of domestic engines that have been fitted to the custom Brunton chassis.  The most popular engine packages are the Chevrolet 3.4 liter V6 used in the Brunton Stalker, and the supercharged 3.8 liter V6 used in the Brunton SuperStalker.

These engines are very tractable from the lower end of the rev range, but offer loads of torque throughout the powerband of these engines.  I can tell you that during the test ride the engine offered enough power to break the rear tires loose from a rolling start full throttle run at around 10 mph in second gear, all the way through third gear.

A fun weekend car with real track day abilities:

The clever bypass design of the supercharger on the SuperStalker allows regular throttle body use without the aid of the supercharger when the vacuum does not require the extra power offered by the forced induction.  However, stand on the gas and the bypass quickly shuts putting all the torque offered by the supercharger to the road immediately.  The suspension design of the Stalker series utilizes a live rear axle from a Chevy S-10 free mobile car racing game download with http://www.phpaide.com/forum.php?langue=fr a 5 link suspension as well as double unequal length A-arms for the front suspension.

The steering rack location is adjustable to offer varying levels of Ackerman adjustment.  The coil over springs are available with varying spring rates and damping adjustment to make the car both street friendly and track worthy.  The brakes have been designed to work both with 15” street wheels and tires as well as 13” racing slicks.

People have been known to drive their Stalker to the track with the race slicks on a small casino jameshallison trailer making the need for expensive and space consuming tow vehicles and trailers obsolete!  Speaking with Dennis Brunton it is obvious he knows very much about suspension geometry and design.  Without giving away their design secrets I will just say that I would feel very comfortable with the car in a high performance track day environment.  I witnessed a demonstration of the straight line stability of the car where Dennis was driving with his hands off the wheel and the car tracked straight without any jitters normally associated with such a capable track machine.

Dennis still holds the class Time Trial record for the Homestead / Miami speedway road course at just over 1:32.  A few weeks ago that would have put him nearly on the podium at the Ferrari 430 Challenge series race.  A street car that can be built for a sub $20k budget able to hang with dedicated race cars costing over $250k!

Kits and support available to novice builders as well rierslot.net as garage pros:

When you buy a kit from Brunton Automotive you get all the fabricated parts necessary to build one of the Stalker cars.  You also get a shopping list of everything you need to source outside of the purchased kit.  The shopping list shows part numbers, vendors, phone numbers, websites, etc… in a spreadsheet format so completing the kit is easy.  There is also a private website that you get admission to with the purchase of a kit.  This website hosts discussions regarding meets, trips, assembly questions, tuning, a photo gallery, really anything to do with the car once it leaves the Brunton shop.  You also get Dennis Brunton’s cell phone number to have a direct link to the person that knows the most about these cars.  One buyer started his build with an explanation of how a nut goes on the end of a bolt.  He successfully completed the assembly of the car.  The basic premise is “If you want to build a car, this kit and the support behind it will allow you to fulfill that dream.”  Kits are available in various stages of completion.  The basic kit includes the frame, fabricated suspension arms, dash, pre-bent aluminum panels, gelcoat finished fiberglass parts (trimmed and ready to prime), plus an assortment of smaller parts.

You can choose to have the aluminum panels fitted at the Brunton facility.  You can also choose to have the drivetrain installed and the electrical and fuel systems completely run.

An average of about a month from ordering the basic kit would be ready for delivery or pickup.  If you choose to pick the kit up the Brunton crew will modify the S-10 axle for use with the designed rear suspension and frame mounts for no extra charge.

With 150 kits already sold you are sure to see them from time to time on the road, or the podium.  While the shop might not be as large as you would imagine, the personalities and dedication of the team at Brunton automotive will surely make you feel like an army of support is there to help you get on the road.  Almost every new car avilable today has that wind tunnel defined suppository shape.  If you feel like standing out in the crowd, treat yourself to one of Dennis Brunton”s designs.  You will join a growing family of happy motoring enthusiasts!

Specifications (subject to change):

Wheelbase: 93 in

Track: 53.6 in

Weight: 1490 pounds (wet)

Power / Wt.: 5.8 pounds / hp

Top Speed: 150 mph

Max Seat Width: 18 in (Driver) 17 in (Passenger)

Built By: Brunton Automotive – Bradenton, FL

Body Design: Dennis Brunton

Body Style / Material: 2 Seat Roadster / Aluminum & Fiberglass

Frame Style / Mat’l: Brunton Spaceframe / Square & Round mild steel tube

Front Suspension: Unequal Length Double Wishbone

Rear Suspension: Live Axle – 5 Link

Shocks: GAZ Adjustable Coil Over

Steering: Rack & Pinion

Brakes: GM Front disk / Rear Disk (GrandAm)

Track Wheels: 8×13 Front / 10×13 Rear w/ slicks

Street Wheels: Chevrolet S10 Aluminum or similar

Street Tires: 205/50-15

Engine: Chevrolet 3.4l V-6 (170HP)

SuperStalker Engine: Supercharged Chevrolet 3.8l (260HP)

Redline: 6500 RPM

Transmission: Borg Warner / Tremec T5 5 Speed

Completion Options: Kit / Roller / Turnkey

Bodywork: Gel coat fiberglass / aluminum
Electronics: Wire harness ready to accept factory inputs from donor engine.

Brunton Automotive
4523 30th St. West, #B204
Bradenton, FL 34207

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Contact Dennis Brunton by email at bruntonsales@aol.com